Here are some links about the number 17. According to MIT, 17 is the least random number. Some claim it has mystical qualities. Many interesting things are claimed about the number 17. The term “Yellow Pigs” is significant.

Why 17 is the Most Interesting Number

Wikipedia–17 (number)

The Properties of 17

Yellow Pigs



  1. John Garner · · Reply

    “Theodorus of Cyrene proved the irrationality of the surds of whole numbers up to 17, but stopped there probably because the algebra he used couldn’t be applied to the square root of 17.[11] It wasn’t until Eudoxus developed a theory of proportion that took into account irrational as well as rational ratios that a strong mathematical foundation of irrational numbers was created.[12] A magnitude “was not a number but stood for entities such as line segments, angles, areas, volumes, and time which could vary, as we would say, continuously. Magnitudes were opposed to numbers, which jumped from one value to another, as from 4 to 5.”[13] Numbers are composed of some smallest, indivisible unit, whereas magnitudes are infinitely reducible. Because no quantitative values were assigned to magnitudes, Eudoxus was then able to account for both commensurable and incommensurable ratios by defining a ratio in terms of its magnitude, and proportion as an equality between two ratios. By taking quantitative values (numbers) out of the equation, he avoided the trap of having to express an irrational number as a number. “Eudoxus’ theory enabled the Greek mathematicians to make tremendous progress in geometry by supplying the necessary logical foundation for incommensurable ratios.”[14] Euclid’s Elements Book 10 is dedicated to classification of irrational magnitudes.”

    From: Wiki – Irrational Number

  2. John,

    Don’t get me started on the irrationality of the surds of whole numbers up to 17.

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