Pogonophobia–The Fear of Beards

Many people have a fear of beards. You can read a bit about this in the book One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair

Here’s a list of signs and symptoms which mean you might have Pogonophobia (the fear of beards)

1) An irrational fear or dislike of beards.

2) Feelings of panic when you see a beard.

3) Feelings of terror or dread when you see a beard.

4) Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, or nausea when in the presence of a beard.

5) Dry mouth, trembling or anxiety at the sight of a beard.

6) Taking extreme measures to avoid seeing a beard.

Here’s a video about the fear of beards:



  1. joshuaeller · · Reply

    I love it! I only wish that I feared the beared a bit more, because every winter I try to grow one and every winter I look like a failed abortion attempt.

  2. what a horrible disease to have! I on the other hand have a intense love of beards. Is there a term for that?

  3. This year I’ve finally managed to grow a beard that appears less patchy. Not because the growth has increased, but because I’ve developed a meticulous style of trimming (micro-trimming, I call it) that makes use of perspective and shading in such a way that my patches seem to blend in fluidly with the rest of my facial hair. A very close look would reveal the oddly variant length of beard hair, but anyone applying such intense scrutiny would find fault in even the most immaculate beard.

    Just remember:

    “If you’re sporting a beard, someone might be a’feared.”

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