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Place Your Bets On A White Christmas

As we all know, many people dream of having a White Christmas. Now you can place bets on which cities in the world where this will happen. Place your bet at the following website: For another take on White Christmas, check out the following (quite disturbing)  video: And this one (Obama Parody) Advertisements

Pogonophobia–The Fear of Beards

Many people have a fear of beards. You can read a bit about this in the book One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair Here’s a list of signs and symptoms which mean you might have Pogonophobia (the fear of beards) 1) An irrational fear or dislike of beards. 2) Feelings of panic […]


Here are some links about the number 17. According to MIT, 17 is the least random number. Some claim it has mystical qualities. Many interesting things are claimed about the number 17. The term “Yellow Pigs” is significant. Why 17 is the Most Interesting Number Wikipedia–17 (number) The Properties of 17 Yellow Pigs